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The Four Way Test and Good Will

Rotary started something with the Four Way Test.  Rotary started people thinking about their actions and words and deeds.  Because of Rotary, the Four Way Test elevated itself from a national standing to international standing; how wonderful! As with etiquette and good manners, the element of good will found in Rotary’s Four Way Test is […]

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An Essay: Rotary’s Four Way Test

Truth, fair, concern, beneficial, good will, and friendship.   These words are the heart and soul of Rotary’s Four Way Test.  What these words have in common with civility, good manners and etiquette is that they are all a part of civility, good manners and etiquette. Telling the truth is what we learn as a child.  […]

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Etiquette and The Four-Way Test

Rotary’s Four Way test and the life lessons found in an etiquette book go hand in hand. The simile of truth and etiquette bring a vivid picture to the mind, one that focuses on upbringing, support, benefit, fairness, and graciousness. All of the lessons a young person should be introduced to are found in etiquette […]

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Rotary District 5240 Vocational Service Expo Booth

Los Angeles – Rotary International Convention House of Friendship will be featured at Rotary District 5240 Vocational Service Expo Booth in the House of Friendship. You will find great information concerning the Four-Way Test. Many people have written for advice to assist them in promoting their Four-Way Test Essay Contests. I have accumulated a […]

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Ethics & Four-Way Test Around the Blogosphere

Today in our American culture it has become difficult yo find people and organizations that are service minded and values driven. We have compiled a posts from around the web which bring these ideas to light. On another note: We are working on compiling more essays from four-way test contest winners throughout the rotary world, […]

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