Conserving Natural Resources by Nicholas York

The Rotary Club of Pismo Beach / Five Cites
Nicholas York, Second Place
Grade 5, Coastal Christian School
Teacher: Brianna Richardson Principal: Larry Hoekman

Hey, it’s me again Nicky York. You might remember me from the “conserving water” essay last year. But this year, I am back from a whole different approach, “conserving our natural resources.” You’ve probably all gotten a lecture or two about conserving natural resources, but I’m here just to remind you, in a 4-way essay. So, I have two reasons I chose this topic. Firstly, not to long ago, in my class, person came in and lectured—uhh, told us about the importance of conserving natural resources, and how bad it is when we do not do this. After hearing this, I was fascinated, and intrigued, and I wanted to help tell people about the importance of conserving natural resources. My second reason is: lots of human luxuries, such as soda cans, or paper, and even water bottles, waste our natural resources, and pollute are world. So, I am here to tell you about some ways we can save natural resources, and make the world a better place for living. So, for the next few paragraphs, I’ll tell you if it is the truth, fair to all concerned, if it will grow good will and better friendships, and, lastly if it is beneficial to all concerned, and maybe lecture some grown-ups.

Is it the truth?

When I hear this I think “is it for real?” Well, sometimes I, my dad, and my brother watch shows together. One time we watched a star Trek, and sheepishly, I got really scared, but then I realized it is all fake, and not the truth. But this is not fake. We, referring to everyone, need to really conserve our natural resources. So, in saying that, it is fair, but how? So, this is simple, if you think it is the truth, then it is the truth. It don’t matter what other people say, and if they think different? Too BAD!!! So, technically, it is the truth I you make it then it is the truth. There is no wrong answer, and there is no right answer.

Is it fair to everyone concerned?

What do you think when you hear these words? Well, for me, I think: if you conserve is it fair to all concerned? Well, I’ll tell you that you can make it fair, and make it unfair. Pretend you like conserving natural resources, and conserving water, ext. You really care about all these things, but what if someone does not care like you do? It might seem bad, but that is there decision to not conserve, and like I said in the last paragraph, the answer can be yes or no, depending from your point of view, trust me I am only 11, not some kid who decides world-wide problems. With that being said on to the next paragraph.

Will it build good will and better friendships?

Well, what does this mean to you? In kid language it means: will conserving natural resources bring helpfulness, and bond people? Well, for the helpfulness one, yes. But how? Well, as I’ve explained in the last few paragraphs, conserving natural resources is very awesome to the planet, our planet. The way you can save lots of energy is by simply just turning the TV off when you’re not watching, or turn the radio off when you’re not listening. So, that is technically just being helpful, and it will darn sure build good will. Now onto “will it build friendships?” Well, making friends while conserving natural resources is a toughie I thought then I came to this conclusion: Say you have a friend, but the bond between you guys is a little shifty, then (This is a really thin chance of this actually happening.) later that month you start learning about conserving natural resources. This topic both intrigues your minds. After you’ve learned lot about it, you have to do a project about how you a conserve natural resources, and you team up with the shifty friend, and by the end of the project they are best-buds! So there is my answer, and the answer to the main question is a big, fat YES, for both of them.

Will it be beneficial to all concerned?

What comes to mind when you hear this words? When I think of this words I think of what might happen if we did something.  Would it have a positive or negative outcome? Well, for conserving our resources it would obviously have a positive outcome. The positive outcome is pretty simple: if you help conserve natural resources, you will get a way better world, and if you do not conserve our natural, you will get a way worse world. So if you do something good for the world, the world does something good for you!!!

Thanks for listening to my presentation! After you just learned all that stuff about conserving gibberish, I’ll show you some fun facts about conserving natural resources. #1: there is a trash mound out in the middle of the ocean the size of Texas X2!!! That is pretty amazing, and scary at the same time. #2: With the trash mound, it is all broken down and we can only see fish food looking particles stretching hundreds of miles. #3 the fish also see it as fish food so they Munch, munch, munch it. And die. #4 it takes a whole day of television to make one aluminum soda can. Ain’t that weird? #5: Speaking of soda, California alone drinks enough soda cans to stretch all the way to the moon!!! Now, that is sad. Okay, now this is the end

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