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An Essay: Rotary’s Four Way Test

Truth, fair, concern, beneficial, good will, and friendship.   These words are the heart and soul of Rotary’s Four Way Test.  What these words have in common with civility, good manners and etiquette is that they are all a part of civility, good manners and etiquette. Telling the truth is what we learn as a child.  […]

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Three Months into the New Rotary Year … Are you planning a Four-Way Test Contest?

Good morning! The summer has come and is on the way out. School has started again … It’s the perfect time to begin thinking about how your club or organization can educate and promote the use of the Four-Way Test in your community. Many of us in Rotary have participated in some sort of Four-Way […]

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Walgreens and The Four-Way Test

This excerpt is from the It can be found at on their Four-Way Test page, in their diversity section. One of Charles R. Walgreen, Jr.’s most enduring contributions to the company that his father founded has been the Four-Way Test, written by a friend at Rotary International and adapted for Walgreens in 1955. Based […]

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The Four-Way Test

In an ever-increasingly competitive corporate society often labeled as “ethically and morally bankrupt,” is there a simple guide that can guarantee ethical behavior … and success?by Clifford L. Dochterman In a business and corporate society occasionally labeled “ethically and morally bankrupt,” is there still a place for homespun morality and ethics, based on the simple […]

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