Doing What’s Right

Rotary Club of Pismo Beach / Five Cities
John Mattimoe, Third Place
Grade 6, Intermediate Division
Mary Hayes, Ocean View

My friend Brett wanted to join my Destination Imagination (D.I.) team. Destination Imagination promotes creative thinking; you must think outside the box to solve a challenge. My teammate Kyle and I didn’t want him to join the team.. We thought he always argued and we didn’t want to give him a chance. Brett was always playing and we felt he would never pay any attention to our ideas. Brett was a one man team.
When he asked us if he could join the team we always said that we did not want any more people. We could have put him on the team, because we only had four people and we could have had up to seven. We just did not want Brett on the team.
It was not fair for him. He wanted to be on the team so badly, and we acted like we did not care about his feelings at all.
This did not build a better friendship. Brett was my friend, and I treated him like I wanted him to be miserable; friends never do that.
We could have benefited from letting Brett on the team. Brett was very creative, and he was a very talented, funny actor. He also is a good musician and a good singer.
The following year we imagined us being in Brett’s shoes, and we let him on the team. We know what Brett went though and what we did. We all promised never to do that again.

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