Five Qualities

The Rotary Club of Pismo Beach / Five Cites
Cal Schwefler , Second Place
Grade 7, Judkins Middle School
Teacher:  Mr. Liebo

Truth, fairness, goodwill, friendship, and helpfulness. All five of these different qualities will help humans hugely in life. Each one of them is filled with gentleness and kindness. All of these qualities help give children privileges and ethics. They will also provide children with lifelong lessons. Who would not want to possess all of these qualities?

Truth can help one go far in this world. Telling the truth can give children more privileges and make it easier to communicate with their parents. Being honest and telling the truth in a kind way results in others liking and respecting one. Not telling the truth can take away privileges and make it hard for children to communicate with family and friends. It is very good to tell the truth.

Fairness is also a great quality to have. Fairness is following rules and sharing hardships and enjoyment. Being fair with chores by sharing them will help a family finish fast and easily leave time for enjoyment. Being unfair and making one person do all the chores will make it harder and much slower for that one person while other members of the family relax. This is very unfair and will make this one person miserable. Fairness helps a lot of families relax in a short time with enjoyment.

Acting with goodwill is a great way to express kindness and joy. If everyone is truthful and fair they will have goodwill and will help make the world a better place. As the famous writer Mark Twain once said, “Kindness is a language which the deaf can hear and the blind can see.” With goodwill and kindness, we can fix the world.

Friendship is the best one of all of these excellent qualities to have. Friendship is a way to communicate and get along with your parents. Without friendship, children and parents would be arguing and mad at each other. This is the best quality anyone could have. It will help you everywhere in life. Without friendship, the world would be a place of chaos and anger instead of a place of love, beauty, and harmony.

Helpfulness is also one of the greater qualities. Being helpful is doing good deeds for the world, helping one’s parents make dinner, or helping a brother with some homework he does not understand. Being helpful is not throwing trash on the ground or messing up one’s plans for dinner. Being helpful is a very important skill in life.

These five qualities are the best of the best. They guide one’s actions. Truth teaches honesty; fairness teaches sharing; goodwill teaches kindness; friendship teaches people to get along; and helpfulness teaches one to serve others. All of these are lifelong qualities that can benefit everyone. These are the best of the best.

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