Lying by Tomislav Fahlen

The Rotary Club of Pismo Beach / Five Cites
Tomislav Fahlen, Third Place
Grade 3, Shell Beach Elementary
Teacher:  Ms. Simpson

Lying is mean and not truthful. Lying is cheating too. Lying is not fair to everyone because everyone would not have the correct information. It would not build a special friendship between people because you are supposed to tell the truth to each other.

On Thursday at school, I had a math test that was testing me on time and money. My friend, Johnny, was testing on time and money too, and a kid named Braeden was also testing on time and money. At lunch time Braeden, Johnny and I were sitting at a table after our math test. Braeden asked Johnny if he passed his math test. Johnny said, “Yes”, but the next day our teacher passed our math test out to us and Johnny did not pass his math test.

At recess, Braeden told everybody that Johnny lied and everybody made fun of Johnny and was mean to him. After school I felt bad for Johnny because everyone was making fun of him so I went to the candy shop and bought Johnny a bubblegum flavored lollipop with bubblegum in the middle. The next day at lunch time, I gave Johnny the bubblegum lollipop and he loved it. I told Johnny, “I hope this will cheer you up, you should have said the true answer when Braeden asked you and then it would not have been a big deal.”

The next day Johnny gave me a letter saying that he loved the lollipop and that he never wants to lie again. Never lie because it will make a big problem. Lying will not be beneficial to everyone because it is not the truth and it will not make a better friendship. If you stop lying you will make the world a better place.

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