My Mistakes

Rotary Club of Pismo Beach / Five Cities
Linnea Skinner, Second Place
Grade 1, Primary Division
Jann Zeilenga, Branch

I always practice the Four Way Test at school with my friends and other kids. I always tell the truth and I’m always fair with others. I am kind to others so they’ll be kind to me. If someone’s calling me names or being mean, I just ignore them and walk away. There’s a song about a golden rule and the golden rule is to treat others as you would have them treat you. Sometimes, it’s just so easy to be kind to others, but when I get home it’s not as easy to do with my family.
One day when me and my brother were making a fort we used a pair of my dad’s pliers and when we were cleaning up our tools we put my dad’s pliers away somewhere but we don’t know where. My brother and I had to look all over our property. We couldn’t find them anywhere. So, now my brother and I have to buy him a new pair of pliers. One day when my dad was working, he needed his pliers to tie rebar and he couldn’t find his pliers anywhere. It took my dad so much longer to do his job. It wasn’t fair to my dad at all.
When I got home from school, my brother wouldn’t help me look for the pliers, and instead of helping me look for them, he sat down and sharpened a stick. My brother threw the stick that he was sharpening and tried to spear me. He also threw rocks at me. I was holding a skinny stick and I whipped him with it on his legs. I couldn’t hold my temper. I really want to be friends with my brother but it’s just so hard to do it if we always fight.
This Tuesday morning I made another mistake and blew my nose on my mom’s favorite fleece jacket. There was no box of tissue in the kitchen and I couldn’t find any toilet paper—but I didn’t look very well. I know it wasn’t fair to my mom and I shouldn’t of done it.
I will try to not make mistakes anymore. I’ll try to look harder for tissue and take care of my mom and dad’s things. I will try to ignore my brother when he’s teasing me or throwing stuff at me. It’s really important to respect other people. I’ll try to be a good friend to my brother and I’ll make sure that my brother and I put things away where they go.

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