Applying the Four-Way Test

For five decades Rotarians have been using The 4-Way Test as a practical
yardstick in their business, community, and personal affairs. The 4-Way Test,
you will note, does not provide answers. It asks questions which the user must
answer. Thousands of Rotarians have used it and shared it with others. Millions
of copies have been distributed to students and business associates. The Test has
been carved into granite monuments, displayed on billboards, written into labor
contracts, printed on wrapping paper and umbrellas, and has been the theme of
countless essay contests and addresses.

This publication starts out by giving the history of the creation of The 4-Way
Test by Herbert J. Taylor and tells how Rotary clubs around the world have pro-
moted use of The 4-Way Test. You are invited to join other clubs in this endeavor.

For the full document from Rotary International – Applying the Four-Way Test

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