THE 4-WAY TEST AND ME byt Talia Conn

The Rotary Club of Pismo Beach / Five Cites
Talia Conn, First Place
Grade 2,  Ocean View Elementary School
Teacher: Ms. Janich

Wherever I go to the library, it reminds me of when black people were not allowed to check out books and books remind me of the book called “Ron’s Mission.”  In “Ron’s Mission,” Ron wanted to check out a book but he wasn’t allowed because he was a black boy.  Ron loved reading so much, he even skipped a free doughnut and a basketball game on the way to the library.

Ron finally got to the library.  He always tried to find books about people who looked like him but that was hard.  Finally he found a book about planes which was perfect because Ron wanted to be a pilot when he grows up.

As he was going to the front desk, a white lady stopped him and said, “I can check that out for you.”  But Ron said, “No, I can do it.”  “But Ron,” said the lady, but Ron was already at the front desk while she was still speaking.  “I want to check out these books, please” Ron said.  But the librarian ignored him.  Ron knew what had to be done. He jumped on the desk and everyone stared at him.  The librarian called the police but he wouldn’t budge, then she called his mom.  Ron wouldn’t budge.  Ron was the librarian’s best customer and she knew what had to be done.  She went straight to her office and made Ron a library card.  Then Ron handed the card to the librarian and said, “Can I check this out, please?” And it worked.

Ron’s story is a good example of the 4-way test because sometimes you have to stick up for yourself and other people when rules aren’t fair.  If Ron had let the white lady check out the book for him, then he would not have gotten to have his own library card.  By being truthful and sticking up for himself, Ron was making it easier for other black people to check out books.  Ron built goodwill by using his words and not throwing a big tantrum.  Ron spoke up for the black people because they weren’t being treated fairly.  Ron helped the librarian make a better choice.   It doesn’t matter how you look or your skin color, what matters is how you treat other people.

When Ron grew up he became an astronaut just like he dreamed.   I think he became an astronaut because he read lots of books about planes and worked hard.

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