When I think about the 4 way test … by Paige Amoroso

The Rotary Club of Pismo Beach / Five Cites
Paige Amoroso, First Place
Grade 2,  Ocean View Elementary
Teacher:  Mrs. Janich

When I think about the 4 way test, it makes me think about Rosa Parks.  Rosa Parks was an African American woman and she was like Martin Luther King.  I am writing to tell you about her bravery.  When Rosa Parks was alive, all the African American people had to go to different schools, and drink from different water fountains, and had to play on different playgrounds.  This made her feel different and very sad, and she wanted to change things.

One day, Rosa was riding on the bus when a white man came and said “this is my seat, you need to move.”  But Rosa would not give up her seat.  Then, the bus driver said “You need to sit in the back of the bus.”  Rosa still would not move.  The bus driver stopped the bus and came back with a police officer and had her arrested.

When I think of this story, it reminds me of bullies.  When someone is bulling me or a friend of mine, I think of that day and I think of Rosa Parks’ bravery.  So stop and listen for a little moment, if you are being bullied, stand up for what you feel is right, and be brave like Rosa Parks.

When I think of this story and how it is similar to the 4 way test, first I think about how it is a true story in history that makes us think about treating others with respect.  Second, Rosa Parks wanted everyone to be treated fairly, like our teacher tells us to be fair to our friends.  Third, Rosa Parks wanted everyone to be treated with good will.  Last, when Rosa Parks would not move on the bus it made people understand that people are people no matter how they look.

If you are a bully, then read this story and think for a moment are you acting like Rosa Parks or not?  Maybe you will treat others better.

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