Woods Humane Society: Helping Homeless Pets by Torsten K. Johnson

The Rotary Club of Pismo Beach / Five Cites
Torsten K. Johnson, Second Place
Grade 4, Branch Elementary  School
Teacher: Mrs. Debbie Handy

Woods Humane Society: Helping Homeless Pets

Woods Humane Society is an animal shelter dedicated to helping stray or unwanted animals find a home.  All of the animals that they take in are dogs or cats.  When they take in a new animal it may have various problems.  The problems range from injuries or illnesses to bad behavior. After they take a dog or cat in, fix its problems, and spay/neuter it, they put it up for adoption.

It is very important for them to spay/neuter the dogs and cats, because if they don’t spay/neuter them it can cause overpopulation. Overpopulation is when an animal has babies, and their babies have babies, etc. It is called overpopulation because soon there are way too many animals.

Is it the truth that overpopulation can happen? Yes, definitely. Cats and dogs cannot control their breeding. It is sadly true that if there are too many cats and dogs, many are not going to survive for long.

Is it fair to all concerned to spay/neuter dogs and cats? It is fair to humans, dogs, and cats, because we do not want overpopulation of animals to lead to their suffering. If there are too many dogs and cats, some of them may have to be euthanized.

Will people adopting pets and caring for them build good will and better friendships?  It definitely will.  The owners of the adopted pets not only form close bonds with them, but they also enjoy their companionship.  Training dogs by the volunteers at Woods helps them better understand the animals and helps the animals better understand people.

Will adopting, befriending, spaying/neutering, and training the cats and dogs at Woods be beneficial to all concerned? It couldn’t be more beneficial! Everybody is getting something out of doing all that. The trainers have jobs. The animals get shelter, food, toys, and also might be adopted into their forever home. Finally, the potential owners get a well trained pet that can be their best friend. It’s a win, win, win!

Personally, I think Woods is a great organization. I think everything they do fits all of the Four Way Test rules, and I hope you agree!

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