How Can I Apply the Four-Way Test in My Life?

District 6450 Winner
Rotary Club of Woodridge
Jessica Vosicky, First Place
St Scholastica School, Woodridge, IL
Teacher: Eileen Quinn

How Can I apply the Four-Way Test to my life? One experience in which I can apply the test is cheating. If you utilize this test method it will help you make the right choice.

Step one of the Four-Way Test is, “Is it the truth?” Cheating is never the truth. Either you’re lying to the teacher saying that it is your work when it is really another student’s, or you’re helping someone lie to a teacher by giving them the answers.

Step two to the Four-Way Test is, “Is it fair to all concerned?” No! Cheating isn’t fair to anyone. For example, is it fair to someone who does their own work to give you answers just because you were lazy? Also, do you think it is right to give answers to someone who didn’t do their work. No, they will never learn anything and you deserve the credit for your hard work.

Step three to the Four-Way Test is, “Will it build good will and better friendship?” Initially, many think it will help, but in the end you are hurting each other. If a friend keeps giving you answers you will never learn, and vice-versa. You will never feel good about a good grade if you don’t earn it yourself.

Step four to the Four-Way Test is, “Will it be beneficial to all concerned?” If you are always giving a friend answers, will you be helping them for high school? No, they will just end up falling behind next year.

The Four-Way Test can help you make better choices. Just ask yourself these questions to see if the choice you’re going to make is the right or wrong choice.

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