Our Best Friendships

The Rotary Club of Pismo Beach / Five Cites
Kacee Santana  , Second Place
Grade 3, Coastal Christian
Teacher:  Ms. Bockhahn

I’m going to be writing about friendships. Friendship is very important. With friendship you have to be telling the “Truth”. Telling the truth is a big part of friendship. If your friend doesn’t know anything about you but lies, then that’s not friendship at all. The point of friendship is being good friends.

That’s number one and number two is be “Fair”. If your friendship is fair and pure then there will be fewer fights. That’s why we always need to be fair. Here’s a good example: If there is more of something then let your friend have it.

Number three is “Goodwill”. Goodwill is when you feel that you have to do something good for the person that was nice for you. If you ever have the chance to do something good for someone (like your best friend) then do it. Anybody can be your friend.

Number four is “Beneficial”. Beneficial is when someone or you do something good. We all need to make good choices. Maybe making good choices will help you make new friends. Making new friends is good! That’s two for one. God helps you through everything and anything. The Lord is with you. Here they are: “Truth”, “Being Fair”, “Good Will”, “Beneficial”. That’s my 4-Way Test.

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