A Better World

The Rotary Club of Pismo Beach / Five Cites
Bear Boutet, Second Place
Grade 3, Coastal Christian
Teacher:  Ms. Bockhahn

If everyone used the 4-Way Test the world would be in perfect harmony. Everyone would tell the truth and never tell a lie. Everyone would be fair and share. People could work out their problems like what they should do first and last when two people want to do something different. Everybody would be nice and not fight. More people would be friends, not enemies. It would be beneficial because people would be nice and trustworthy. People would be all the previous.

People would help people in need and help people with work. We would have more schools, better schools, better colleges, and better jobs. Also the black wouldn’t fight the white and the white wouldn’t fight the black. There wouldn’t be war. Many deaths wouldn’t have happened. There would be many deaths avoided. There would be no slavery. Stuff would be finished sooner. There would be no use for weapons. There would not be any school fights at all, and I mean at all.

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