Promoting Your Four-Way Test Essay Contest

Many people have written for advice to assist them in promoting their Four-Way Test Essay Contests. I have accumulated a some basic points to help drive school and community participation:

  • Promoting Participation – Getting Ready for the program
    • Create a one-sheet brochure targeted to the students that focuses on the prizes money and community service.
    • Create a one-sheet “teacher’s helper” which will provide historical information, community benefits, contest guidelines and dates that all assays are due for judging.
    • Offer to be a guest speaker to middle school or high school classes to introduce the essay contest. Please provide historical information as well as why and how this program benefits your community today.
  • Student and Teacher Recognition
    • Provide a monetary prize to each student winner.
    • Provide monetary support of a school program at the choice of the winning teacher, this will help drive participation in future years .
    • Invite winning students and teachers to your to read their essays to your membership .
    • Create a printed booklet of all winners to hand out to members and guests.
    • Publish the winners on
    • Request your local newspaper to publish the winners.
    • Enter your winning essays into your district essay contest.

I hope these ideas help. I am sure there are many more ideas and comments. Please feel free to leave your comments and I will update this article with the ideas that are submitted.

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