Rotary 4-Way Test by Mariella Conn

The Rotary Club of Pismo Beach / Five Cites
Mariella Conn, First Place
Grade 2, Ocean View Elementary School
Teacher: Mrs. Darlene Upham

Rotary 4-Way Test

This story is very true and even if I don’t win I want you to remember that.  My story is about a kind neighbor of my family named Mel Cottrell.  Mel cleans Rancho Grande Park almost every day. It is quite nice.  Almost every time me and my big sister, Talia, go out of town to a park we see trash EVERYWERE!  Every park needs a Mel!  We always are so surprised we say “why is this park so dirty, gross, and messy and ours so clean?” It usually takes us about 10-20 seconds till one of us says “Ohhhhh Mel. I can’t believe we forgot about him!”

Another nice thing about Mel is that he built a special place in front of his house for dogs and joggers or walkers that he calls, “Cottrell Oasis.”  It has a water fountain for the joggers and walkers, a bucket with doggie treats, a doggie water bowl for the dogs to drink, doggie poop bags, and a small trash can.

Now let’s get to the four way test.

  1. Is it true? Yes he is true. He is true to nature because he cleans up litter which is very helpful to the environment.
  2. Is it fair to all concerned? I think it is fair to all concerned because the park is a place for everyone. People enjoy the park more when it is clean and has shade. Mel’s actions also help people get fit because they can spend more time walking or jogging since he built a water fountain for the people and their dogs.
  3. Will it build good will and better friendships? I think Mel’s actions totally describe good will and better friendships because Mel uses his time and money so other people can enjoy the outdoors.
  4. Will it be beneficial to all concerned? I think it is beneficial to all concerned because everybody loves the shade that he built and everyone likes a clean park to enjoy for birthday parties and walks and playing sports. Everyone uses the park – babies, kids, families, grandparents, and pets and Mel makes it nice for them.
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