Wishes Horse Camp by Linnea Johnson

The Rotary Club of Pismo Beach / Five Cites
Linnea Johnson, Second Place
Grade 2, Branch Elementary School
Teacher: Ms. Jessica Neie

Wishes Horse Camp

I think the people who run Wishes Horse Camp are a good example of those who follow the four-way test. To start off with, it is fair because while the younger kids are out riding, the older kids are doing arts and crafts. Everyone takes turns doing different activities. And it’s beneficial because everyone at the camp really learns something.

The teachers at the camp help us learn many riding skills and we also help the horses get exercise. The horses learn how to be better behaved and to really listen to instructions. The teachers learn from the kids many things we like about horses and riding. And last, the kids who took the camp learn that taking care of a horse is a big responsibility and how to be safe around them.

I think that everything the teachers tell you about horses at the camp has to be true because I take horse lessons somewhere else and I have learned many of the same things. And to me it felt like it built good will and better friendships because everyone at the camp met new people, learned things together about horses, and enjoyed each other’s company. If you went to this camp, you would think so too!

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