The 4-Way Test, George Washington, and Me

Rotary Club of Pismo Beach / Five Cities
Tavis Cote, First Place
Grade 3, Primary Division
Mrs. Johnson/Mrs. Manchester, Branch School

In considering topics that inspire me to live the 4-Way Test and to
be fair, I thought of George Washington.  He seemed to live his life
according to the principles in the 4-Way Test.  Even during a difficult
time as the Revolutionary War, George Washington was fair to the
troops he commanded, considered the impact on all the people living
in the colonies when he made his decisions, and was truthful in his
treaty negotiations with his enemies.
The people living at that time looked up to George Washington be-
cause of his stance against Great Britain and the unfair taxation on
the colonies.  They also respected him for his reputation of fairness
and honesty.  These same characteristics are the ones that I admire
about George Washington today.  He may not have known about the
4-Way Test, but he was indeed a great example of it.
I hope that in my daily life I may be able to live up to the same quali-
ties that made people respect George Washington.  The 4-Way Test
helps provide me the questions to ask myself when I am uncertain of
the correct action to take.  When I interact with my friends, I need to
ask myself, “Is it the truth?  Is it fair to all concerned?  Will it build
good will and better friendships?  Will it be beneficial to all con-
cerned?“   I use kind words and speak the encouraging truth to my
friends.  When I do that I find that the effect on those around me is
positive.  When I forget to ask myself these types of questions or
when I see others not thinking before they act, I notice that people get
into arguments or get their feelings hurt.
I hope that by living my life according to the principles laid out in the
4-Way test, my friends and family will come to respect me much as
the people respected George Washington.  Who knows, someday
maybe I could be the President of the United States as well.  Remem-
bering the 4-Way Test could help me get there.



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