The 4-way Test

South Hill Rotary Club/District 7600
Jackie Johnson, Second Place
Grade 7, Park View Middle School
Teacher:  Mr. Winter

Today, I will be writing the 4-way test. This test is about truth, fairness, goodwill, and friendship. These words mean many things to me. Be it a bad situation, or a good situation, I feel that all these qualities should be shown. Without these qualities, the world would be a bad place.

Quality number one is truth. Everyone should tell the truth, because honesty is important in order to earn trust. Honesty should be possessed everywhere at every time. One of my favorite stories, “the boy that cried wolf,” greatly relays this quality. Had the boy taken his work seriously and not lied, then the villagers would have believed him. Then he would not have lost his sheep. To me this story excellently shows how important honesty really is. If you can’t be honest, then you have to be willing to accept the consequences. To me, honesty is forming a bond of trust with someone, and proving to them that you can be dependable.

The second quality I’m writing about is fairness. This quality should again be shown everywhere at all times. Fairness includes honesty, respect, and sharing. Fairness is important because karma affects the world. If you treat someone fairly, then one day, when you need help, they might be there. Like one time, my neighbor had surgery, and one day while she was recovering, her husband had obligations somewhere, so I stayed with her. Since then whenever I need something, she is there. And for that I am very grateful. The main thing about fairness is treating someone the way you want to be treated.

The next quality I’m writing about is goodwill. Many people everywhere have goodwill, but at the same time, there’s still many that don’t. One of the ladies that used to go to my church is now in the nursing home, and every holiday, I send her a card. The person that takes her the card always says how happy she is that someone remembers her. This is just one example of the many things that people do for goodwill. I think all people should have goodwill because helping people in the world helps the world. This means that by helping someone, you’re showing them to help others. Goodwill is doing good things for others.
The last and best quality is friendship. All people everywhere have friends. Friendship can mean many things. It could be talking to someone that looks lonely, or many hours having exciting adventures and gossip together. Friendship is important because it gives people happiness and support. Whether you need a shoulder to cry on or a person to laugh with, your friend is always there for you. Some friends only last through school, but true friends last forever. Friendship is important because it gives you a bond of trust, honesty, and many days of laughs together.

These four qualities greatly enrich the world. From this test I have, it is important to show these wonderful qualities in life.


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  1. Thomas L. Smith May 31, 2008 at 5:23 pm #

    Congratulations on winning 2nd place in the 4-Way Test Essay Contest. Your essay was well written and you did a great job in expressing what the 4-Way Test means to you. Good luck next year in the 8th grade!
    Thomas L. Smith
    Rotary Club of South Hill


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