The Rotary 4-Way Test and Me

The Rotary Club of Pismo Beach / Five Cites
Kimi White, Third Place
Grade 5, Harloe Elementary
Teacher:  Mr. Nygaard

When I first heard of the Rotary 4-Way Test I thought it was one of the best inventions EVER! I first thought that it would be great to use at my school. Everyone could live a much happier life just by asking themselves the 4 simple questions of the 4-Way Test. Is it the truth? Is it fair? Will it build friendships? Will it make school life better? I say yes, yes, yes, and definitely YES!!! For me, I have used it a lot at school. My school is a big place where a lot of drama can happen. It mostly happens because people don’t think before they act. With the Rotary 4-Way Test, kids, like me, can think before they act.
Is it truthful? This is a good question to ask before you blurt out whatever comes to your mind first. If you have done something wrong then it is best to admit it and face the consequences. Lies will never solve anything. We learn good lessons from our mistakes and it makes us stronger to admit we aren’t perfect. No one is perfect. All kids should remember that and be fair to themselves. Not being truthful can be very stressful. I try to be truthful because I won’t have to try to remember any lies I have told. People will think better of you if you tell them the truth. I know I do. When I tell the truth I know that I don’t have to worry about getting in trouble. It makes life much easier and school much more fun.
Is it fair? This is a great question to remember, especially at school. Kids can be mean to other kids everyday. I try to be fair at school. In the classroom, when we are in groups I listen to everyone’s opinions. Sometimes I am very surprised by other kid’s opinions. They think of things that I don’t. By giving them fair time in group, I learn interesting things from them. At lunch recess, I like to play sports. I try to be sure everyone gets a turn and I cheer for everyone because it is fair and makes everyone feel good about what they are doing. Fairness at school is important because everyone has a voice and different abilities and everyone should be given the same chance.
Will it build better friendships? Life at school without friendships would be terrible! I came to my new school in the 3rd grade. It was hard to leave all of my friends at my old school but my new friends have made me feel very welcome. I remember this when we get a new student or I meet a student I don’t know. I try to do things that will include a lot of kids so that everyone can get involved. I started Tutu Friday at school and now we have girls in every grade wearing their tutus, too. It is great to see so many different styles and colors! It is a fun way for everyone to feel included and it has helped me build friendships with girls who are both younger and older than I am. Even the boys have said they want to do Tutu Fridays!! Doing things that will help kids find new friends will make my school one of the friendliest places in town!
Will it make school life better? YES! I think that if all of the kids in my school were truthful, fair, and respectful then there would be no place I’d rather be. What could be better than going to a place everyday to learn and play with kids that treated you that way? Recess would be a great time to try new things because everyone would be encouraging. Lunch would be fun because everyone would mind their manners and not make the lunch duty teachers mad. Classrooms would be the best because you wouldn’t have to worry about people laughing at your mistakes. I can’t think of anything that would be better.
If I can make a difference in my school by following the Rotary 4-Way Test then I know there are other kids who want to do the same thing. We can all make our school, community and world amazing! The Rotary 4-Way Test is a test that everyone can pass! Everyone can get an A+! It makes me excited. I want to be a better student because of it and I will definitely spread the word!!!
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