Words Make People Happy by Julisa Provence

The Rotary Club of Pismo Beach / Five Cites
Julisa Provence, Third Place
Grade 2, Branch Elementary School
Teacher: Mrs. Liz Johnson


Do the words you choose really make other people happy? Would you rather be around people who use nice, loving words or people who are always mean? I want to focus on the good things, because so many of them happen when I am looking! I like to be around people who use the 4-Way Test by always being fair and friendly.

Is it the truth? My friends and I are always telling the truth. We choose our words kindly. I never see my friends lying. We never gossip because if we do, no one would want to be our friends. My friends are role models for the school. The answer is Yes!

Is it fair to all concerned? My friends and I welcome other people to play with us. We always follow the game’s rules. If someone gets out, we never tease them or make fun of them for getting out. Each person gets their turn to be in line and get in the game. When you are in the line, you can also cheer for other people. That makes it even more fair! So Yes!

Will it build good and better friendships? If my friends and I are good role models, we will teach others at our school to be nice and fair to others. We give high-fives and have fun! I like to have nice friends so I will be happy, too. Another Yes!

Will it be beneficial to all concerned? My friends and I treat others with respect.  For example, I saw someone standing up for someone else when they were being bullied. The bully apologized and everyone was happy. Yes again!

I use the 4-Way Test and focus on the good. Using kind and loving words is important because it spreads happiness and everyone wants to be happy! How do you choose your words?

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